We are one of the leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Wholesale Supplier of Indian Tradition Incense Sticks under  labels. Over the period of Fifteen Years we have been Manufacturing & Marketing our assorted Aroma of BMS INCENSE UNIVERSE across the Globe. We have unmatched expertise in aroma Technology and that is reflected in our Innovative and wide product variety and an ever growing market of loyal customers around the world.

From ancient time Incense sticks have been associated with spirituality and well-being. Incense sticks have been a way of life. Each of our fragrances is a mirror of nature. Our products always emerge as magical and honest fragrance. BMS INCENSE UNIVERSE is a commitment to satisfaction and quality.

Usage of our BMS INCENSE UNIVERSE is ECO-FRIENDLY unlike room-fresheners and sanitizers which have CFC. All Natural Ingredients are used which are Bio-Degradable and so safe to use..

Our products always emerge as magical and true value fragrances.BMS INCENSE UNIVERSE assures Quality and Satisfaction which is a commitment forever.