We are since 2000, Manufacturers and exporters of Complete Devotional / Religious and Spiritual needs. We are gathering our 17th years of experience. We are manufactures of Panchaloha (The Panchaloha alloy consists of Gold, Silver, Copper and Iron ) Statues according to Shilpa Shastra with fine quality and wide range of Devotional products. We never ever compromise with our quality. Our Craftsmen excel in manufacturing all types of God’s Statues. The only aim of our artisan is to put the essence of Indian Art and Culture in their Handicrafts and bring the forward to the forefront of the World. Moreover, we have more than fifteen cottage-manufacturing units for manufacturing our wide range of products. We provide raw materials, wages and they will supply the end products. Due to this process we can Wholesale and retail our products for reasonable & competitive price to our Clients / Retailers all around the globe. We are very much happy to be a part in this divine business for past Fifteen Years. We are exporting our products for many retailers, Wholesalers, Individuals and for many Hindu Temples, Organizations, Hotels & Restaurants and for corporate around the globe. And our Clients are satisfied with our quality & service.